Frame 4 Frame


This is the Inaugural Frame4Frame Festival including Film, Art & Music. This year’s festival will be held September 20-23, 2018.

Frame4Frame will provide a first of its kind, musical and visual arts forum dedicated to raising cultural awareness and appreciation for the diverse creative population that exists throughout this community.

This festival is committed to enlightening the public with a first-class, international, program, through the contribution of art, film and music, educational workshops. Participants will be motivated to greater civic responsibility and making positive contributions that build bridges for bettering relationships between diverse cultures. This positive cultural arts experience will unite communities and bring about a greater appreciation of diverse cultures.

Frame4Frame festival will screen a diverse collection of films from both studios and independent filmmakers, highlight local and national artist as well as feature well known musical artists and local and emerging acts. Finally, the festival will include one of the most exciting Texas art traditions, the Ulterior Motifs exhibit at the Arlington Museum of Art.

The four-day festival is making its premiere in the Dallas-Fort Worth area which is a talent-rich, art music and film environment.

There will be networking events for film enthusiast, musicians and artists. Live music and art exhibits will be featured at venues around UT Arlington and Downtown Arlington, Texas.

Additionally, we have partnered with our local universities and other educational institutions to enhance the educational seminars and workshops that will accompany the other music, film and art exhibit activities.